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Election Deniers Running Local Elections

At least a dozen county election administrators in Arizona parrot Trump’s claims of a stolen election and continue to spread disinformation about election integrity.

They include:

David Stevens | Cochise County
Closely affiliated with prominent election denier and former state Rep. Mark Finchem, David Stevens is an election recorder in Cochise County and a director of the Finchem-run nonprofit Election Fairness Institute. During the 2022 midterms, he agreed to conduct a hand count of ballots in Cochise County after voicing skepticism about the security of voting machines and disseminating other election conspiracies. A judge ultimately ruled that a full hand count would be illegal. Several weeks after the 2020 election, Stevens told the Arizona Daily Independent that he supported delaying the certification of Arizona’s electoral votes to look into potential vulnerabilities in Maricopa County’s election. 

Tom Crosby | Cochise County
Tom Crosby is one of two Republican election supervisors in Cochise County who refused to certify the 2022 results, which led a judge to rule that he had broken the law by refusing to do so by the deadline. In 2023, Crosby pleaded not guilty to felony charges of conspiracy and interference with an elections officer, and then voted to hire a fellow election denier as the county elections director in fall 2023. That person, Tim Mattix, replaced longtime Elections Director Lisa Marra, who quit after facing hostility for refusing to authorize a hand recount during the 2022 election. In March 2024 she was appointed to the state’s top elections position, and the following month Mattix resigned after only six months on the job, becoming the fourth person to vacate the position in the past year.  

Peggy Judd | Cochise County
Peggy Judd is one of two Republican supervisors in Cochise County who refused to certify the 2022 election results, which led a judge to rule that she had broken the law by refusing to do so by the deadline. In 2023, Crosby pleaded not guilty to felony charges of conspiracy and interference with an elections officer. 

Steve Christensen | Gila County
An October 2021 Facebook post by Steve Christensen, an election supervisor in Gila County, praised far-right State Senator Wendy Rogers (R-AZ-7) for “looking out for Arizona’s voter integrity.” In 2022, he endorsed fake elector Jim Lamon in his failed bid for the U.S. Senate.

Bob Bartelsmeyer | La Paz County
As elections director in La Paz County, Bob Bartelsmeyer reportedly shared memes on his personal Facebook page that supported Trump’s allegations of fraud and promoted conspiracies about Dominion voting machines. When he resigned from a brief stint as Cochise County elections director he assumed his previous role in La Paz County.

Hildy Angius | Mohave County
As an election supervisor in Mohave County, Hildy Angius has repeatedly spread election misinformation online. This includes a November 2020 Facebook post with the headline “SHARPIEGATE!” that the platform quickly censored due to misinformation. She initially voted against certifying the election results that month but ultimately voted in favor a week later. In February 2022, Angius posted about a video titled Justified: The Story of America’s Audit, and in August 2022, she promoted the Mohave County assessor’s comment that “our county is not the enemy… other counties are, but not Mohave.” Following Election Day 2022, Angius voiced her opposition to certifying the election, saying her vote to certify the results was done “under duress for the chaos Maricopa County has forced into our election process.”

Ron Gould | Mohave County
A member of the county board of supervisors, Ron Gould is expected to run for reelection in 2024. In 2020, he advocated for delay beyond the legal deadline in certifying the presidential election results, characterizing Arizona as “still in play.” During the 2022 election, he spread misinformation about electoral fraud in Pinal and Maricopa counties. In January 2024, Gould filed a lawsuit challenging Arizona’s prohibition against hand counting and alleging that Attorney General Kris Mayes (D) “influenced the voting process and ultimate vote,” and “threatened” him via a 2023 letter sent to the Mohave County Board of Supervisors to let them know that voting to hand count ballots would violate state law.

Steve Christy | Pima County
As an election supervisor in Pima County, Steve Christy voted against certifying the county’s election results in both 2022 and 2020. 

Jeff Serdy | Pinal County
As an election supervisor in Pinal County, Jeff Serdy criticized the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors in 2021 for “fighting the Constitution” by opposing the Cyber Ninjas audit, asking, “What are you hiding?” Also in 2021, he said it was good that the Pinal County Board of Supervisors had the power to appoint the county elections director as opposed to how it works in Maricopa County. In early 2023, Serdy voiced support for state legislators changing the law to allow election supervisors to vote against certification. “The last two elections have been kind of wonky,” he said. “What if 2024 is even worse and we’re forced to vote ‘yes’ on something we don’t want to vote ‘yes’ on?”

Kevin Cavanaugh | Pinal County
As an election supervisor in Pinal County, Kevin Cavanaugh has pushed to count all 2024 ballots by hand based on the same false claims about voting machines that Trump has repeatedly made, going against state law that calls for paper ballots to be scanned and tabulated by machine. During the 2022 election, several hundred ballots initially went uncounted because workers programmed machines incorrectly.

Harry Oberg | Yavapai County
In 2022, Yavapai County Supervisor Harry Oberg claimed that “there is a growing concern around here in ensuring we have fair elections” and he was concerned about the security of drop boxes after watching the widely discredited conspiracy theory video 2000 Mules. He also voiced support for requiring video surveillance of all drop boxes in the county.

Darren Simmons| Yuma County
In 2022, Yuma County Supervisor Darren Simmon posted a statement by Andrew Gould (candidate for attorney general of Arizona) on Facebook that claimed “massive irregularities discovered during the 2020 presidential election.” He also endorsed a state representative who said the Yuma area “can’t have free and fair elections […] it’s spreading across the country.”