Executive Order to Seize Voting Machines


Cox, Dan

About Dan Cox is a far-right politician who has represented the fourth district in the Maryland House of Delegates. A gubernatorial candidate in 2022, he won the Republican primary after receiving Trump’s endorsement but lost the general election in November. Prior to entering politics, Cox was a lawyer in private practice. Before running for office … Read more


DiGenova, Joe

About Joe diGenova is a conservative attorney and longtime Republican political operative and commentator who was involved with the Trump campaign’s efforts to have fake electors cast fraudulent ballots despite President Biden’s resounding Electoral College victory.  DiGenova and his wife, Victoria Toensing, run a law firm in Washington that caters to conservative clients. For decades, … Read more


Wood, Lin

About Lin Wood is a conspiracy theorist and defamation lawyer who has run an often controversial practice in Atlanta, Georgia since 1983. In 2020, he joined Trump’s efforts to overturn the presidential election, filing a lawsuit challenging the election outcomes in Georgia and Michigan. In addition to his legal efforts, Wood used his social media … Read more