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Robert Asher


Robert Asher is a businessman and state politician based in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. In the private sector, he is the chairman of the board of Asher’s Chocolates in Souderton, Pennsylvania. However, he is best known for his political activities, serving as chairman of the Republican State Committee from 1983–86 and co-chair for the campaign of Republican governors Tom Ridge and Tom Corbett. In 2016, he was elected to the Republican National Committee.

While Asher served as the chairman of Pennsylvania’s Republican State Committee in 1987, he was convicted of numerous criminal charges, including conspiracy and bribery after he accepted bribes for awarding a state contract. Although he faced up to 55 years in prison, he was sentenced to one year and a day and ordered to pay a $205,000 fine. After the conviction, Asher maintained that he did nothing improper. 

The Big Lie

  • Asher was originally slated to be one of the fake electors who met in Harrisburg on Dec. 14,2020 and claimed to represent election results that would have made Trump the winner of Pennsylvania’s Electoral College votes. However, he was not among those who signed the form that the Harrisburg group claimed “certified” Trump’s win. Instead, Tom Carroll, a Northampton County assistant district attorney, replaced Asher as one of Pennsylvania’s fake electors.