CMD’s Insurrection-Related News

House Republicans Grease Dark Money Wheels in “Election Integrity” Bill

Koch Network Unleashes Early Attacks Against Trump’s 2024 Run

GOP Candidates Race to Outdo Each Other in Attacking ESG Investing

MAGA Group Grooms Members of Congress and Their Staff for America First Movement

The Thomas More Society and Other Outside Groups’ Influence on Partisan Wisconsin Election Investigation

Republicans Trumpify Electoral System to Steal Future Elections

Top ALEC Official Is Ringleader of Arizona Election Audit Circus

Domino Theory: ALEC Lawmakers Eye Arizona-Style Election Audits in Other States

Insurrectionist Mark Meadows Flies to Atlanta to Help Launch Far-Right State Caucuses

Right Promotes “Big Lie” of Widespread Voter Fraud at CPAC Conference

Elon Musk’s SpaceX Gave $119,000 to Congress Members Who Voted to Overturn the Presidential Election

Charles Koch’s “Uniter” Rebrand Strains Credulity After Funding Congressional Coup Supporters

RAGA Raised $1.6 Million as Republican AGs Challenged Election Results

ALEC’s Numerous Ties to the Capitol Insurrection and “Big Lie”

ALEC Honoree Backed Effort to Overturn Presidential Election, Compared Penn. Gov. to Nazis

ALEC Lawmakers Traveled to D.C. For Rally and March That Led to Fatal Insurrection

ALEC Working in Partnership with Turning Point USA, Major Player in Capitol Insurrection

Republican AGs Forever Tied to Violent Pro-Trump Insurrection

Christian Right Council for National Policy Tied to Violent Insurrection at U.S. Capitol

The Koch Coup: Charles Koch’s Political Machine Bankrolled Senators Who Will Attempt to Steal Election for Trump Tomorrow

Koch Industries Is Top Corporate Donor to Reps Who Will Try to Overturn Democracy