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Justin Caporale


As former First Lady Melania Trump’s top aide, Justin Caporale was on the Trump campaign payroll for much of 2020. He is also CEO of Event Strategies, Inc., the events production company responsible for managing and staffing Trump’s 2016 campaign operations team and for organizing many of the pro-Trump rallies in Washington on Jan. 6, 2021. 

January 6, 2021

  • Caporale was the project manager for the March to Save America rally at the Ellipse. Before the White House became involved with the rally, the plan had been for the crowd to remain at the Ellipse. 
  • Although the Trump campaign insisted it wasn’t involved in the Save America protest, a number of campaign staffers were listed as key organizers and personnel for the rally.
  • America First Policies donated $2.1 million to Event Strategies and also funded Women for America First, another organizer of the rally at the Ellipse.
  • Tim Unes, founder of Event Strategies, was paid more than $117,000 from the Trump campaign for stage managing the rally. 
  • In total, the Trump campaign and fundraising committee paid Caporale’s and Unes’ firm, Event Strategies, more than $1.7 million.