About InfoWars is a right-wing extremist, fake news and conspiracy-promoting media group founded by Alex Jones in 1999. Its website, radio show, video content, and related media are produced in Austin, Texas and operated under Free Speech Systems LLC, a Texas company that filed for bankruptcy on July 29, 2022. In the past two decades, … Read more


Jones, Alex

Alex Jones is a right-wing conspiracy theorist based in Austin, Texas, who rose to prominence over the past two decades through his total distrust in government, his promulgation of wild ideas about “the Deep State,” and the apparent appeal of his aggressively anti-establishment InfoWars website and eponymous radio and video talk show. 


Stone, Roger

Roger Stone is a political consultant who served as a campaign adviser to Donald Trump in 2015 and ultimately remained an ally despite being fired from the campaign due to a reported falling out between the two men.