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Dan Cox


Dan Cox is a far-right politician who represented the fourth district in the Maryland House of Delegates from January 2019–January 2023. A gubernatorial candidate in 2022, he won the Republican primary after receiving Trump’s endorsement but lost the general election in November.

Prior to entering politics, Cox was a lawyer in private practice. Before running for office himself, he worked on the 1996 presidential campaign of Alan Keyes and as an aide to former U.S. Representative Roscoe Bartlett (R-Mary.), who was active in the Tea Party movement.

Cox praised the 2022 Supreme Court decision striking down abortion rights and has denied that climate change is a manmade phenomenon causing devastation to natural ecosystems.

January 6, 2021

  • On Jan. 6, Cox attended the rally at which Trump spoke and incited the mob to storm the Capitol. He also sent a tweet that read “Pence is a traitor.” However, Cox claims that he did not participate in any violence or property damage at the Capitol building.
  • Cox helped arrange buses to transport Trump supporters from Fredrick, Maryland to the Million MAGA March prior to the insurrection. After the violent attack on the Capitol, he announced: “On Wednesday our group from Frederick was at the Washington Monument for the President’s speech in the frigid weather for hours and had trouble hearing as the speakers were so far away, and because of the massive crowd size could not approach the capitol, our group left early for the bus ride home and of course did not participate in any violence.”

The Big Lie 

  • In December 2020, Cox wrote a Facebook post calling on Trump to seize voting machines in order to prove election fraud.
  • In a July 2021 Facebook post, Cox said that he “was in Philadelphia with President Trump’s team for three weeks during the 2020 election and witnessed PA election fraud.”

Election Audits

  • Cox made calls for a “forensic audit” to the 2020 election on his Gab social media account, claiming it was “stolen” from Trump. He later deleted the account which he also used to talk about issues such as a “natural right” to gun ownership.

Post-2020 Election Subversion

  • In August 2022, Cox announced his opposition to efforts to tabulate mail-in ballots earlier in the election process to reduce delays and increase efficiency. “Ensuring no early tallying of votes as they arrive for a month before Election Day protects the integrity of the vote,” he maintains, “while it is in progress—keeping it completely secret until the close of all polls—and protects the election itself for all parties and candidates, whether Democrats, Republicans and unaffiliated voters alike.”