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Stop the Steal—Madison


On Nov. 6, 2020, a small Stop the Steal rally was held in Madison, Wisconsin to protest alleged election fraud in the state. Many of the protestors claimed that absentee ballots were received after an 8 PM deadline on Election Day in violation of regulations. The Trump supporters in attendance numbered only about 50, by some estimates. Despite the small size, the protestors engaged in physical altercations with counter protesters, many of whom supported the Black Lives Matter movement.

One of the participants, Alex Brueskewitz, said, “Hundreds of thousands of votes are being found and Biden’s taking the lead and so it’s the data that people are concerned about and they don’t know what’s going on and so they just want some transparency. And if there’s transparency and no voter fraud, these people will accept the results of the election.” 

Commenting on the rally, the Wisconsin Attorney General said that voter fraud conspiracies are dangerous but added, “Is there evidence of widespread voter fraud? At the moment, I don’t know.”