1st Amendment Praetorian

1st Amendment Praetorian is a right-wing paramilitary organization that works with far-right influencers to provide security at political events and has singled out claims of voter fraud as key to its “intelligence” mission.


Council for National Policy

The Council for National Policy (CNP) is a Christian Right influence organization that has set the movement’s agenda for decades, focusing on political strategy, media, and grassroots organizing. CNP describes itself as bringing “together the country’s most influential conservative leaders in business, government, politics, religion, and academia to hear and learn from policy experts on a wide range of issues.”


Eighty Percent Coalition

The Eighty Percent Coalition (EPC) was founded in late 2020 by Cindy Chafian (formerly affiliated with Women for America First), largely to unite conservatives around shared beliefs such as questioning the validity of the 2020 presidential election, according to WUSA9.