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The American Mind


The American Mind is an opinion website, podcast, and newsletter from the reactionary Claremont Institute. One December 2021 republished article by Thomas Klingenstein, the institute’s chairman and a major donor, opened by asserting that prosecuting Kenosha murderer Kyle Rittenhouse is a sign “the ‘woke communists’…are turning America into a totalitarian police state.”

Media Bias/Fact Check classifies The American Mind as having a bias to the right and “mixed” in terms of fact-based reporting “due to poor sourcing and lightly promoting a conspiracy theory regarding the deep state and replacement theory.” The same site mentions that an essay from Claremont Institute President Ryan Williams included “hints of a white nationalist perspective.” Other articles decry the idea of “whiteness” and allege that this concept is being used to discriminate against people of the Jewish faith. A March 2020 piece by Klingenstein entitled “Trump’s Virtues,” alleges that “we are still in need of the qualities of great leadership.” The site also published an editorial that claims that the white supermacist “replacement theory” is not racist.

In August 2020, after massive Black Lives Matter protests filled the nation’s streets over the summer, Klingenstein stated, “We on the Right are confronting an enemy that wishes to destroy our way of life.” 

January 6, 2021

The Big Lie