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Phil Waldron


Phil Waldron is a retired colonel and Texas bar owner. According to the 2022 PBS documentary Plot to Overturn the Election, Waldron is the “public face” of the Dallas-based company Allied Security Operations Group (ASOG), which supported attorney Matthew DePerno’s lawsuit against and intimidation of election officials in Antrim County, Michigan. He became deeply involved in efforts to overturn the 2020 election, texting with Trump chief of staff Mark Meadows, and working closely with allies including Texas Rep. Louie Gohmert and Trump attorney Sydney Powell. 

January 6, 2021

  • In an interview with a rightwing podcast, Waldron claimed to be responsible for drafting a 38-slide PowerPoint presentation recommending the president declare a state of emergency and order a paper ballot recount in multiple states. He also claimed to have gotten the proposal to Trump “as early as before Thanksgiving.” 

The Big Lie

  • To substantiate his call for a national state of emergency, Waldron pushed a conspiracy theory that voting machines had been compromised by foreign actors and George Soros, among others. He and his election conspiracy theories found a platform on the pro-Trump news and opinion website NewsMax. 
  • Waldron is associated with the Dallas-based company Allied Security Operations Group (ASOG), which issued a report about the election in Antrim County, Michigan, where rightwing attorney Matthew DePerno represented a local Republican in a lawsuit against the county. The report claimed, without evidence, that Dominion Voting Systems machines were wired to produce fraud. An assistant to then-President Trump passed the report to the Justice Department as “evidence of intentional fraud.”
  • According to PBS, Trump allies including Michael Flynn coordinated with ASOG to promote the conspiracy theory that Dominion Voting Systems was responsible for massive voter fraud.
  • Drawing from claims made in the ASOG report, Waldron provided testimony at election hearings held by legislatures in swing states.  He also participated in the ReAwaken America tour, appearing alongside figures like former CEO Patrick Byrne.