Kerik, Bernard

Bernard Kerik was the police commissioner of New York City during the 9/11 attacks and is a staunch ally of Rudy Giuliani, who was mayor at the time. After the 2020 presidential election, he got involved with helping Giuliani and Trump overturn the results, serving as lead investigator for the legal team.


One America News

About  One America News Network (OANN, also known as OAN) is a right-wing, pro-Trump cable channel founded in 2013 by Robert Herring, CEO of Herring Networks (which also includes the luxury goods channel, A Wealth of Entertainment or AWE). According to a 2021 Reuters investigation, AT&T was behind the birth of OAN, with 90% of … Read more


Powell, Sidney

Sidney Powell is a far-right, Dallas-based attorney and former federal prosecutor who has been associated with QAnon and readily promotes conspiracy theories about the 2020 presidential election.


Trump, Donald J.

Donald Trump is a businessman who served one term as president of the U.S., holding office from Jan. 20, 2017–Jan. 20, 2021. He was the first president in U.S. history with no prior experience in government or the military, and by the end of his term in office, he also became the first president to be impeached twice.


Waldron, Phil

About Phil Waldron is a retired colonel and Texas bar owner. According to the 2022 PBS documentary Plot to Overturn the Election, Waldron is the “public face” of the Dallas-based company Allied Security Operations Group (ASOG), which supported attorney Matthew DePerno’s lawsuit against and intimidation of election officials in Antrim County, Michigan. He became deeply … Read more


Wood, Lin

About Lin Wood is a conspiracy theorist and defamation lawyer who has run an often controversial practice in Atlanta, Georgia since 1983. In 2020, he joined Trump’s efforts to overturn the presidential election, filing a lawsuit challenging the election outcomes in Georgia and Michigan. In addition to his legal efforts, Wood used his social media … Read more