1st Amendment Praetorian

1st Amendment Praetorian is a right-wing paramilitary organization that works with far-right influencers to provide security at political events and has singled out claims of voter fraud as key to its “intelligence” mission.


Chafian, Cindy

Cindy Chafian is a longtime conservative political activist who founded the Eighty Percent Coalition (EPC) shortly before the Jan. 6 insurrection—after allegedly being sidelined by the Women for America First organization that she had worked for on and off since 2019.


Eighty Percent Coalition

About The Eighty Percent Coalition (EPC) was founded in late 2020 by Cindy Chafian, who was formerly affiliated with Women for America First. WUSA9 reported that Chafian founded the coalition in part to unite conservatives around shared beliefs, including questioning the validity of the 2020 presidential election. She explained that she “based the name on … Read more


Oltmann, Joe

About Joe Oltmann is a Colorado businessman and failed car salesman who rose to national prominence when he falsely claimed to have evidence of a Dominion Voting Machines employee telling Antifa members he had helped rig the 2020 election against Donald Trump.  Relatively unknown outside of Colorado business and legal circles—he has been involved with … Read more