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Cyber Ninjas


Cyber Ninjas was a digital security company run by Doug Logan that was hired to conduct what it termed a “forensic audit” of the 2020 election results in Maricopa County, Arizona. 

After initial audits found no irregularities in Arizona, the state’s Senate Republicans contracted with Cyber Ninjas to conduct a third audit of the 2.1 million votes cast in Maricopa County. That undertaking began in April 2021 and ended in August when a judge ordered Cyber Ninjas to preserve all documentation related to the audit. The probe revealed more votes for Biden than had been originally counted.

Cyber Ninjas went out of business in January 2022 after an Arizona judge imposed a fine of $50,000 per day when it failed to turn over records related to the so-called audit. In its statement explaining the closure, the company invokes Christian values, which it cites as the “foundation that makes America great” and warns that “departing from these God-ordained ideals” is leading to “the downfall of our nation.” In the same statement, Cyber Ninjas asks for donations to help cover its debts. 

Election Audits

  • At a July 2021 hearing, Cyber Ninjas CEO Doug Logan said the county had “74,243 mail-in ballots where there is no clear record of them being sent” to voters. Election officials explained that early voters who voted in person received a “mail-in” ballot when they visited the county offices for that purpose, which undermined Logan’s suspicions of fraud.
  • Shiva Ayyadurai, head of EchoMail and a subcontractor for Cyber Ninjas, said that at least 70% of their digital files with images of ballots cast were corrupted. In a report, he slammed the company as “self-serving grifters” only interested in making money.  
  • One assessment of the ”audit” found that the auditors overlooked 16,000 votes in a particular sample, which led an expert to believe that Cyber Ninjas had “just made up the numbers.” 
  • More than $600,000 of the funding for the “audit” came from the Voices and Votes PAC run by One America News anchor Christina Bobb. She also sent affidavits to Arizona Sen. Karen Fann (R) on behalf of Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani and spoke with Trump about the audit. Just prior to the Cyber Ninjas probe, Greg Roeberg, a leader of Jewish Voices for Trump, incorporated Voices and Votes in Wyoming. 
  • America’s Future, an organization run by former Trump advisor Michael Flynn, donated $976,512 to the probe.
  • Sidney Powell, a Trump attorney who filed several frivolous lawsuits challenging the election results, donated $550,000 through Defending the Republic, the organization she leads.
  • Former CEO Patrick Byrne gave $3.25 million to Cyber Ninjas for the audit, according to company disclosures. In April 2021, his nonprofit, The America Project, launched a campaign to Fund the Audit with a goal of raising $2.8 million.
  • Fight Back, a group backed by pro-Trump attorney L. Lin Wood (who filed a number of lawsuits challenging the 2020 election results), reportedly donated $50,000 to the audit fundraiser in April 2021.