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Joe DiGenova


Joe diGenova is a conservative attorney and longtime Republican political operative and commentator who was involved with the Trump campaign’s efforts to have fake electors cast fraudulent ballots despite President Biden’s resounding Electoral College victory. 

DiGenova and his wife, Victoria Toensing, run a law firm in Washington that caters to conservative clients. For decades, the two have been a fixture in right-wing media, with conservative legal and political connections dating back as far as to their service in the Reagan administration. In addition to their legal work for conservative causes, Toensing and diGenova have become increasingly involved with far-right conspiracy theories and dubious legal efforts on behalf of an increasingly fringe clientele.

January 6, 2021

  • DiGenova’s whereabouts and activities the day of the insurrection are not publicly known. However, in August 2021, both he and his wife were included in a Department of Justice request from the House Select Committee investigating the attack on the Capitol. The request sought any communications between the DOJ and diGenova, as well as numerous other individuals involved in legal efforts to overturn the 2020 election.

The Big Lie

  • DiGenova and Toensing were included in a December 2020 email from Christina Bobb, former One America News reporter and current Trump attorney, about efforts to recruit a network of fake electors to cast fraudulent votes for Trump. The email discussed efforts to get fake electors into state capitols to cast their votes.
  • DiGenova has been barred from appearing on Fox News after making comments about the network being beholden to billionaire philanthropist George Soros, echoing common far-right and anti-semitic conspiracy theories about the Holocaust survivor.
  • DiGenova and his wife continue to spread election disinformation and other far-right conspiracy theories on fringe media platforms. In June 2022, the couple claimed that the House Select Committee investigating the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol was “illegal.”

Post-2020 Election Subversion

  • DiGenova and Toensing have made little news since their involvement in legal efforts to overturn the 2020 election. But the couple has been implicated in the FBI’s investigation into whether Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani violated foreign lobbying laws by pressuring officials in Ukraine to secure damaging intelligence on Hunter Biden on behalf of the Trump campaign.