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Fake Electors—Michigan


Sixteen Republican residents of Michigan attempted to subvert the results of the 2020 presidential election by submitting fake Electoral College documents to Congress as part of the Jan. 6. 2021 certification process. 

According to Michigan Advance, the 16 fake electors mailed signed, notarized certificates to Congress and the National Archives purporting to be official Electoral College votes for Trump. Two of the fake electors have been subpoenaed by the Department of Justice for their role in the scheme, and the Michigan Attorney General referred an investigation into the fake electors to federal prosecutors.

Politico reported that on Dec. 13, 2020, Christina Bobb, then a One America News anchor and subsequently a legal representative for the former president, briefed a group of Trump’s lawyers on the scheme.

January 6, 2021

  • Fake elector Meshawn Maddock, co-chair of the Michigan Republican Party, and her husband Matt Maddock, a Michigan state representative, helped organize buses to take Trump supporters to the March to Save America and were among the crowd that stormed the Capitol that afternoon. Michigan State House Republicans kicked him out of their caucus as a result.

The Big Lie

  • The following 16 fake electors from Michigan signed bogus documents claiming that Trump had won the 2020 election in their state:
    • Kathy Berden: national committeewoman of the Michigan Republican Party
    • Hank Choate: former chair of the Jackson County Republican Party
    • Amy Facchinello: a member of the school board in Grand Blanc, and former executive board member of the Genesee County Republican Party. Facchinello was subsequently subpoenaed by the Department of Justice and also promoted QAnon conspiracy theories on social media.
    • Clifford Frost: a member of the Michigan Republican Party State Committee and a board member for the Macomb County GOP
    • Stanley Grot: Shelby Township clerk and chair of the 10th District Republican Party. Grot ran for Secretary of State in 2018 but was paid by Michigan Republican Party Chair Ron Weiser to withdraw, which resulted in a $200,000 fine but no criminal charges.
    • John Haggard: owner of Haggard’s Plumbing and Heating in Charlevoix, Michigan
    • Mari-Ann Henry: treasurer of the Greater Oakland Republican Club
    • Timothy King: a member of the executive committee of the Washtenaw County Republican Party and 12th District Republican Committee
    • Michele Lundgren: a 2020 Republican delegate for her precinct who was subsequently subpoenaed by the Department of Justice
    • Meshawn Maddock: co-chair of the Michigan Republican Party and a member of the national advisory board of Women for Trump. Married to Michigan State Representative Matt Maddock.
    • James Renner: 2020 precinct delegate for Watertown Township
    • Mayra Rodriguez: Grosse Pointe Farms chair for the 14th District Republican Committee
    • Rose Rook: A former Democrat who changed parties and served as the Van Buren County GOP chair and president of the Van Buren County Republican Women’s Club.
    • Marian Sheridan: director of the Lakes Area Tea Party, co-founder of the Michigan Conservative Coalition, executive board member of the Oakland County Republican Party, and grassroots vice chair for the Michigan Republican Party
    • Ken Thompson
    • Kent Vanderwood: chair of the Second District Republican Committee of Michigan
  • These two individuals were originally intended to act as fake electors but were ultimately replaced:
    • Terri Lynn Land: former Michigan secretary of state
    • Geral Wall: chair of the Roscommon County Republican Party